Information Security Policy

Cerebro is aware of the importance of the implementation and maintenance of the Information Security Management System, and within this context, it builds on information security processes based on the protection of confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility. The confidentiality of information means that information is only accessible by authorized personnel. The integrity of information is the preservation of the integrity, integrity, and update of information and processing methods. Accessibility of information means that information and related entities can be granted access to authorized users on time and when necessary.
Cerebro's main objectives of information security are to protect the reputation and brand value of employees, customers, suppliers, and the public. By effectively managing information security, it is possible to minimize the damage that may be caused by information security. To protect the confidentiality of critical data such as strategy, design, production, sales, procurement resources, customer, employees' information about products, to ensure compliance with legal, regulatory, policy and best practice requirements within information security. To reduce the possibility of information security violation, to respond in a coordinated manner, to avoid any interruptions in critical business processes, to be able to work again within the targeted rescue period in case of failure, and to provide continuous improvement of the Information Security Management System.
All staff are committed to meeting the requirements of current targets, actions, and performance indicators in the "Information Security Policy".