What We Do

We develop SaaS products. Our products aim to automate and optimize decision making. Our focus is on digital marketing and digital sales funnel. We use Artificial Intelligence methods to achieve this.

Our products share the following principles:
- They have a measurable test scope where we can show customers how we perform. That means our products provide an A/B testing scenario to the customer.
- They eliminate all human interaction and training within their scope. That means no "AI Insights". We provide decision making agents.
- Their scope is a significant portion of the sales funnel: starting from online advertisement and ending in revenue generation. Our products automate and optimize the whole process.

Why this approach is suitable to digital sales and marketing:
- There are lots of small decisions impacting performance.
- The results of each step and their impact on total revenue can be measured with good enough confidence.
- Most decisions depend on each other, which makes data sharing with algorithms more valuable than inter-department human coordination.
- Most decision can be taken very frequently.
- The total revenue is big enough that any improvement directly creates substantial value.